Mau Mau – Love Outtanational

Mau Mau – Love Outtanational


Mau Mau’s 'Love Outternational'.

We wanted to try to make something a bit different, something Iconic and bold but with a more gritty artisan production style….. so errrr a lot more ink and a lot more labor intensive is what we’re trying to say.

Mau Mau’s Love Fox was the perfect fit, smashing layers of thick ink onto heavy Fabriano cotton paper with a wooden paddle… the results were wonderful, bold bright colors overlaying each other, the hand cut wood blocks giving a clean but hand painted feel.

Sadly wood block production only works for a very few ideas, but when it works, it really works!

Edition 22 + 3 boxed artists sets with various artists proof colors (boxed sets not for sale online)

Signed and numbered .

Size: 50cm x 50cm

Medium:Wood Cut, Printed on 220grm Fabriano Cotton rag with high end colourfast wood block print inks.

Priced 245 gbp

Shipping: Free... everywhere. (shipping from Mau Maus studio in the UK)

Please be aware, this isn’t your typical printed edition, the technique is quite heavy handed, and every edition is very different from the next, the back of the print looks like its been in a war, due to the process of smashing inks into the front of the paper, the back takes the brunt of the force, leaving layers and bumps of cotton…. If you like your prints super slick digital perfection, this isn’t going to float your boat, if you like your art to look proper arty… all aboard the art boat!

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