Highest Unique Bid Auction Test

Highest Unique Bid Auction Test

Auction Ended

Chris, pay this auction entry fee and enter a bid for 0.50 GBP.  I will bid 1.00 GBP and should win and pay for this auction.  Please a take a screenshot of the what the payment info for this says in your paypal when it hits.  Also, try to enter a second bid after you enter the first and see if it processes.

Test Notes:

This test should not be able to accept bids greater than the 2.00 GBP bid cap.  Users should only be able to enter one bid each. Bids should be sealed until close. Auction entry  fee should go to Jon's Paypal but auction payment should go to Chris's SOS PayPal.  Auction should be automatically extended for five minutes if a bid is received within five minutes of closing (set alarm to test).

Auctions and payments should be visible in the users' dashboards after bidding and before making payment:



Normal Unique Auction

Item Condition: New

Total Bid Count : 2

Winner Name : jralla

Winning Bid Amount : £1.00

Winning Mode : Bidding

DateUsernameBid Amount
June 15, 2021 9:52 pm J*****l £1.00
June 15, 2021 9:27 pm K**e £0.50
No Bid Log Found

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