Hand-made Beejoir Installation

beejoir megaphones

Four years, I don’t know how many sheets of sand paper, broken sculptures, groms, cans of paint, layers of resin, mask filters, but one thing I do know, making them in a factory would have been one hell of a lot easier.

The Weapon of Choice installation featured in the main window to Beejoirs retrospective room at BANGKOK CITYCITY GALLERY over the last two months, we’ve now carefully taken it down and packed them individually along with their matching wall brackets…

Edition 108 / Signed in resin / supplied with mounting brackets.

Priced at £245 + P&P Released

We’ll also have a small handful of hand bound hardbacked portfolios from the show, each folio was screened by the artist to run along side his solo show #NRCSSM all are signed and if you’d like a dedication please let us know.

Priced at £170 + P&P