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SOS Community Fund

Although Souled Out Studios is mainly an organization fueled by greed and a desire for world domination, we also do what we can to benefit a few charitable causes and social projects whenever possible. This idea serves as the basis for our community fund.

While in the past we’ve raised money with a few designated items sold for charity every year, we hope that the listings on our new special sales page will allow us to create an ongoing fund which can be accessed by members of our community (i.e. you) to help support the projects and causes you care about.

Please check the following FAQ section for more information and use the form below if you have a project proposal or donation request you’d like to submit for consideration. 

As always, thank you for your support!

Souled Out Studios


What is this and how does it work?

The Souled Out Studios community fund is made possible through specially designated sales on our website.  Some of the proceeds from these sales are reserved in a public fund that can be accessed by members of the Souled Out community to financially support selected proposals for different charitable causes and social projects.

Can anyone submit a request to the fund?

Absolutely. You can submit a proposal on behalf of a registered charity or organization, as well as for your own local projects. Please describe your project, plans, and financial requests as thoroughly as possible when submitting a proposal.

What kind of projects are being accepted?

We’ll always have a soft spot for local social projects and environmental causes, but we’d also love to hear what you think. If a cause or issue matters to you, feel free to submit an actionable proposal to the fund for consideration. We can’t support every funding request, but we do read every proposal submitted. Let us know.

How much money is available in the fund?

The fund’s amounts will vary based on factors like the demands of the projects being sponsored, individual artist agreements, and the general success of the sales that enable it. However, we aim to reserve a portion of the profits generated from every sale made through our special sales page for this community fund.

Where can I see some of the projects the community fund is supporting?

Newly-supported projects and donations will be announced in the news section of our website as well as through our Facebook and Instagram social media channels.

Sounds awesome! How else can I help?

Just spread the word and participate in some of the offers on our special sales page. The profits from most of our auctions, giveaways, and contests continually help establish this fund and the projects it supports.

Let us know

    Use the form below to get in touch with us concerning any inquiries about accessing our Community Fund.