Beejoir Hand-Painted Snub Nose ‘Oil Cans’



In a nice twist of studio-cleaning fate, we recently found a small stack of  Beejoir’s hand-finished Snub Nose ‘Oil Cans’.  These measure approximately 12 x 18 cm and feature Beejoir’s iconic Oil Can image, which he has individually hand-finished in a unique combination of watercolors.

These prints were originally produced by Beejoir in 2010 for release via New York’s Brooklynite Gallery.  This handful is now all that remains from the original release, which quickly sold out after being made available to the public.

All prints are uniquely hand-finished by the artist, signed, stamped with the Souled Out insignia, and have been (miraculously) well-kept in our studio archives.

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NOTE: As we only have few of these prints available for purchase and each is individual, color selections on all orders will be made at random.