The Competition page.



We were going to have a silly treasure hunt, but got too lazy to print the maps, then we had another silly idea, but realized just how ridiculous it really was in time. So finally after being spurred on by paypal shafting us we have decided upon a competition.

For those of you who can't be online all the time, who always miss the original bits and bobs, or if your just plain old skint like us, here's your chance to win a very limited piece of art. Beejoirs Turin Scam screened directly onto a Sheet of Dollar bills and Signed, its a real beauty, (pic on its way)!


As many of you know we got shafted by Paypal this month, we have lost a good chunk of hard earned money that paypal will gain hundreds of pounds worth of interest on, even worse most of that money was on its way to the Mercy Center Charity.

So how do you win......... easy, grab yourself a sharp knife, some card, a pen and a can of paint. We want you to go on to the streets and paint your very best ''Screw Paypal'' stencil.


It can be of any colour, style, design or size as long as it puts the message across, you may enter as many times as you like, more the better to be honest, though these must be sprayed where the public can see them, so your back yard does not count!


1st Beejoir's Turin Scam on $$$ Bills Stamped and signed (never released).

2nd A dozen Cans of Belton Paint from

3rd. A pint of Cider. (The good stuff we are told, that's if there is such a thing).

All entries should be photographed and mailed to the deadline will be the end of July.

** We will also accept free hand graffiti wheat pastes and stickers **





Souled Out Studios does not take ANY responsibility for you getting nicked, won't pay the bail money and reminds you never to break the law.

............. and also go sign up for a Google Check Out, no fees till 2008.