Mau Mau High Times Fox..... SOLD OUT

It had to happen at some point, Mau Mau’s iconic Fox…. blowing some smoke rings….

Released at 4pm Uk Time Tuesday 30th September……

A three colour hand painted stencil signed and numbered by the artist.

Edition of only 55 priced at £145 + P&P.

On 60cm sq (aprox) 220gram Vintage Etching stock.

Mau Mau High Times Fox

Souled Out Sounds... 29th July.

Putting musical and visual artists back together without the middlemen...

We're not going to be tucking our tee shirts into our jeans, or looking at Christmas number ones just yet... but we will be releasing limited runs of Vinyl with some amazing artists, from Kingston to Kingswood, using the highest quality pressings as well as being mastered by the best in the business.

Cover Artwork from all of the leading artists on Souled Out, as well as guest artists, signed, numbered, stamped, sometimes with posters, stickers and foldouts.... remember when you used to get all of that with your music, not just the one click one track download.

For more info please check www.sosounds.com

Released at 4pm UK time on the 29th July


Get Rich Or Try Sharing.... SOLD OUT

A classic new Mau Mau edition out this Friday the 4th July at 4pm UK Time....a hand painted four layer stencil on Recycled cotton stock.

Get Rich Or Try Sharing Mau Mau


Bon Solo Show, Soy Sauce Factory BKK....


This show is by far the biggest we've ever hosted, over three floors of the old Soy Sauce factory on the edge of China Town. Large scale paintings, automatons, installations, sculptures, rides, you name it he's made it.


bon solo bangkok

Money Trap edition by Beejoir SOLD OUT

A fine new edition out towards the end of this month, available in two sizes, Medium (ed.65) and Extra Large (ed.24)...all signed and numbered by the artist... we've used 100% museum grade inks and paper on these beauties, its not like one of our usual bodge jobs!

BeejoirMoney Trap


New Hand Painted BON Editions SOLD OUT

This was one of those pieces that had to be seen, these days its rare that someone paints something meaningful on the street, which is strange seeing as the world seems a lot more fucked than it was ten years ago.....

Nationalism, with a side of Greed.

BON Flag

20 Limited Edition Mau Mau Sticker Packs...SOLD OUT

New Mau Mau stickers just in, Gold Foil Lions - Three Monkeys as well as some old classics, these new stickers will be available in sticker packs only...... around 100 stickers in each pack... £22.50 inc P&P happy days...  

Mau Mau Stickers


New Mau Mau Mermaid SOLD OUT

Five years since we printed Mau Mau's last mermaid, how much things have changed, fancy charcoal, life models, the finest paper known to man, gone have the days of toxic inks and pink hair..... for a while anyway.

To be released at 4pm UK Time on Tuesday 4th March.... Edition of only 65 Signed and Numbered priced at £125.

MAu Mau Mermaid


A small handful of BON originals, and new Mau Mau Mermaids coming soon.....

BON dropped some of these off yesterday on the way to Tokyo to ''Paint on the Street'' it took a bit of explaining that its not the kind of place you can roll up and start smashing out big pieces all day long.... it fell on deaf ears, so lets call these 'bail money' for now. Please click the images below for more of them.... Release at 4pm UK time TODAY Monday 17th Feb.

Then hopefully in a few weeks we'll have a proper lovely Mau Mau Mermaid edition, on paper so fine we shouldn't be allowed near it....

MauMau Mermaid


BON Sculptures rolling out...SOLD OUT

We've shrugged off this new trend of charging a billion quid for pykie street art.... to bring you BON's new Resin Sculptures... £84 + P&P a small edition, all handmade and finished by the artist...there are also a few in Bronze and Dipped Brass if you fancy as well....

BON Sculpture

Alexface, unique hand stenciled edition... SOLD OUT...

We flew these editions all the way to the UK for the bunker, but in all of the mayhem they didn't get so unpacked, so here we have a small varied edition of only 21 hand stenciled Alexface 'Baby Rabit Portraits'.

Priced at £65 inc P&P

Alexface baby rabit

Fresh New Mau Mau Originals .... SOLD OUT T

Mau Mau Fox

After rolling over old signs in Camden, rocking his own Street Art Tours™ and fishing for Hipsters it felt like the right time....

Taken from last years Barcelona piece, these Originals have been painted in reverse onto the back of heavy Plexiglass panels and come with fancy wall mountings that holds them an inch or two off the wall.... they also look equally as good propped up on a minimalist book shelf or leaning up against the wellie rack.

We'll try our best to get them to you before Christmas, but can't 1000% promise, all will be well packed and shipped via traceable air mail.

Twenty Eight 60cm sq Hand Painted Originals Priced at £245 + £10 P&P

Kitchen Sink...

Street Art Tours Mau Mau

We tried to keep back a handful of each of the editions released last month at the Bunker for people who couldn't make it.... so this Friday (8th) we'll have new editions by Mau Mau, Beejoir, Alex, Bon, Hayden Kays, CHU and maybe even the Gong....

Fresh new Alexface Edition today at 4pm UK Time...

Signed and numbered edition of only 35 hand pulled silk screens by the artist.... Alexface is without a doubt one of Asias best known street artists, he's been smashing the streets and working with us at Souled Out for a solid 10 years now, and just returned from a sell out show in S.Korea..... click the image below for more details....


Some VERY Fresh new Original BONs

Up on the 'Originals' section on the left.... or click the image below. for more info...

Original BON Paintings

Mantis 'oh now I see'

New Edition by Mantis
30 signed and numbered hand pulled screen prints.Released this Monday 2nd September 4pm UK Time.
Mantis has created some of Street Arts most iconic images, have a flick through THE MANTIS PROJECT if you've got time... With a London Solo Show coming up next month Mantis will also be featuring at the Mid October Souled Out Studios show... click below for more info...

Standing For The Things The People Fall For...

Creator of hard hitting images and pure filth Hayden Kays has created some of our favorite pieces over the years, this three colored hand pulled screen print, finished with Indian ink detailing (a rubber stamp) will be available in two ingenious editions, red/blue and blue/red.... at 4pm UK time on Friday 30th August. Priced at £45(GBP)


Hayden Kays VOTE


Our mail out list just died and with it all of your contacts, 10 years of mail outs and all the rest of it.... a headache to say the least.... for our new fancy list with pictures and posh fonts, please sign up below...



Mau Mau 'Where the Woods Was' SOLD OUT

An overly hand finished edition of 75 to be released on Monday the 29th July at 4pm UK time, all are unique, signed, numbered and finished by the artist.... check the prints page for more info:

Mau Mau where the woods was

Original Beejoir Canvases.....SOLD OUT

We've got Thirty Two unique Beejoir Canvases to be released on the 12th June at 4pm UK time...


Cyclops Industries 001 RELEASED

Cyclops was one of the first artists to be featured on Souled Out Studios is back with a small series of screen prints, all signed, numbered and stamped by the artist.... More on the printing of this edition can be found here.... www.lastkitchen.com

Cyclops industries 001

a journey through the heart of a pig...

Hayden Kays

A lovely Novella by Johnny Lloyd with fancy pictures scattered throughout by Hayden Kays.... available here.....www.ajourneythroughtheheartofapig.com Signed by both the author and the artist....


Etchings.... yes Etchings.... SOLD OUT

A very small edition of 35 hand inked and rolled etchings by BON, both printed and signed by the artist, these are really very fine considering he mostly stands around on filthy streets at 3am with an extendable roller pole painting huge faces on the sides of buildings.

BON Etching

For those who still don't know much about this guy he's Asias most prolific street artist, painting tirelessly on the street, and has been with Souled Out almost since its founding..... hopefully he'll be flying to the UK with us in October for our show.


Original Mau Mau Editions... SOLD OUT

One of the best editions we've had in years, Mau Mau's hand sprayed David and Goliath, available in only small editions in 8 colours.

Hayden Kays

The Hayden Kays flew out last month to create his new solo show, 200 screens a few hangovers and a lot of good times later he's broken the back of it, we also managed to get a dope edition from him that'll be released in a couple months or so...


Toasters x Alex

The Toaster rocked out to Thailand, painted some walls in the city, painted some walls on the beach, did some sculptures, knocked up 6,000 fresh gold foil toaster stickers, orange badges and have a print sorted..... all in 7 just 7 days!

Toasters x Alex Thailand


One last thing before the big archive...

For the past five or six years we've been lucky enough to work with BON, a truly great street artist who paints tirelessly on the streets of Asia, and hopefully Europe later this year. His next major solo show will be curated by Beejoir and Op Sudasna and already looks to be one of the most mind blowing shows I've ever seen.

To help him on his way we've got four large canvases for sale, each priced at only £1400 inc world wide P&P anyone who has visited the studio here intending to buy a Mau Mau, Beejoir, Alex, Cyclops piece has also left with one of his canvases..... I hope you enjoy them as much as we do..... Click the images below for more info...

Bon Graffiti Canvas

Bon Street Art Canvas

Medium: Acrylic on hand stretched canvas.

Size: 80cm square