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Traffic Fox..SOLD OUT

Traffic Fox Edition

We scrapped that posh fine art paper with the flashy Italian name thats made in China, for this classic non water marked locally made recycled stock that we were using back in the day for this socially conscious edition. Jon then covered it in the most toxic lead based heavy neon laced paint he could find, if you've bought prints from us before, you'll know that 'leave it in the spare room for 2 weeks' smell.

This edition of 125 prints are all signed stamped and numbered, priced at 45(GBP) + P&P.Print size: 45cm by 60cm. Please click on the image above for more information.


Artists Proofs..

As many of you know Jon prints all Souled Out Editions in house down stairs in the Studio, every edition is hand printed and nothing is out sourced, he also disagrees on any colour we eventually decide on for the editions, normally going off on a tangent with the artists proofs, every month you can hear echoing up the stairs ''Jon, why the fuck is it pink ?'' ''Did anyone ask for its eyes to glow in the fucking dark, did they?''.

This does however lead to some interesting proofs that normally wouldn't get made if the job was out sourced, sadly though 99% of the time we don't get to keep them, all of the artists proofs go to directly to the artists. So if anyone is after one of these unique proofs its best to shake down the artist, or their agent, or someone they owe money/rent to.

The main edition of Traffic Foxes will be released on Monday, around 4pm (ish) GMT.

Fox APs

2010 updates..

We've had a hectic start to 2010, with one of us getting married, hundreds of guests roaming around, the other one of us going out to dip himself in the Ganges and have eternal life, or stink for eternity, I'm not sure which, MauMau's WHOLE family sticking stickers on everything, Jon Reiss the director of Bomb It came out to film SOS and the artists that we work with, as well as all of the usual print making.

Souled Out

Almost all of the Peep Show edition have been delivered with only one or two exceptions, sorry they took a week or two later to arrive, all of the above coupled with Chinese New Year screwed us a little...

PeepShow by MauMau


Peep Show by MauMau

The Filth have never been so sexy.....

Limited edition of 75 hand pulled screen prints signed and numbered by MauMau. Released on Monday 1st Feb at some point.


A slightly more chilled ride to the far east side..

TOIL opened on Tuesday night in Tokyo, heres the low down...

Thai Airways beat the Royal mail on missing paintings, and fuck ups hands down this Christmas.. luckily it all arrived just in time.

A brisk minus 2 outside kept everyone on their toes..

We even had funny little posh SOS chocolates on the opening night..

Japanese Cherry Blossom edition of 16.

The ten gold topped Oil Can Artists Proofs were also shown on the opening night and sold out along with the rest of the show before the doors closed.

When you have friends like ours and you say you're off to Japan the knee jerk, ''Get me some dirty Knickers from a vending machine'' comment blurts out... sorry to burst all of your dreams but they really are pure Urban Myth Jon searched like a rapists for one back in the summer, and I've always pretended not to look for them while there... you can happily buy Ciggies, Booze and just about everything else though.

Suzanne fucking Boyle on day time Japanese TV... you've got to be kidding us!

If Simon Cowell created a store he'd create DONKEY, imagine every piece of useless tat that the human race ever made crammed into one store..... thatís DONKEY, strangely enjoyable in a painful way.

Tokyo's fish market sushi restaurants were raided nightly, sadly without MauMau or Jon.

We left Tokyo after the show to grab a few days snow in Hakuba, British Rail eat your hearts out!


mmmmmm hot springs nestled in the snow full of naked giggling Japanese girls..... nope, more like hot water sausage fests.

Thanks again to Seigo from Souled Out Japan for sorting the show out yet again, moving us around, dealing with us drunk, sober, tired, asleep, lost, and hungry. Both Tomoko and Keiichi from GALLERY TARGET for having us and everyone who braved the cold to come to the opening night.

Christmas in Tokyo

Souled Out Japan and Gallery Target Tokyo presents TOIL a solo show of works by Beejoir.

Opening on the 22nd December from 7pm at Gallery Target. For more info please check or click the image below.


Gallery Target, 2-32-10 Jingumae, Shibuya-Ku, Tokyo 150-0001

Mau Mau shop - Back from lunch...


It’s only taken about 96 years… but Mau Mau’s finally opened his website shop!

Worth waiting for we reckon, because he’s launching it with a tasty batch of organic cotton T-shirts. Back in the print shop for the first time since the days of his Sewerside cult clothing label… three limited edition designs from the hand of Mau himself!!

Kung-Fu Hussle

So last week the legend that is Jackie Chan rocked up to take an art class with our crew at the Mercy Centre, as well as purchase a bit of art on the side for his own walls....

To keep the class stocked with pencils, paint, blunt scissors and glitter glue we've got to flog the odd edition in their name, worry not we don't pretend to do it all in the name of charity then blow all the cash on drugs and booze, 100% of the profit from this print will go to the well locked art room cupboards of the Mercy Centre.

This proper Jazzy Oil Can is on the chopping block for the cause,16 prints priced at 75(GBP). More info on this and the other editions available can be found on the 'Prints' page.SOLD OUT



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