Coming Tuesday 7th March,THE END and The Night House, from Candice Tripps series of small plate etchings 'Bones and Arrows'.....



Beejoir 'a pill a day' hand painted bronze sculpture.....

We have eight of Beejoir's 'a pill a day' hand painted heavy cast bronze sculptures available...they were cast in 2009 but only just finished this year. Each comes with a hand written COA and signed both on the protective fabric disc as well as on the cast.

Released at 4pm UK time Tues 28th Feb

Click below for more info.


A series of raw powerful stencil on artist made stock from our good friend and long time Souled Out member Gong...

Predominantly known for his stunning street fonts, Gong has been touring and showing with us for a few years now, and will be taking part in our large scale up and coming Souled Out Show.....click below for more info….


Mau Mau's Politricks '2017' SOLD OUT

How did it get this far.....?

We're releasing 'Trumpinochio' the same as 4 years ago, just a little more orange and a little more obnoxious.

Mau Mau s.


By Mau Mau

Edition: 100

Four colour hand painted stencil, Ink, on a hard card post pack.

Size: 38cm by 26cm...

Price: 45(GBP)

Postage and Packing: FREE

This is an original work of art hand painted by the artist, each unique, all are signed. Though pleas consider that they will be shipped as they are, with no packing the buyers address on the back and the artwork on the front post stamped and franked JAN 20th..... inauguration day!

Some will get damaged during transit but this is all part of the piece, they are supposed to look as if they've been posted through your letterbox.... we shipped one around the world and it arrived in almost perfect condition.... and now looks fresh in a fancy frame.

These will all be stamped and shipped from the UK on Jan 20th


'Bones and Arrows' a small suite of etchings by Candice Tripp...

A stunning new suite of hand printed etchings from Candice Tripp available Jan 5th 4pm UK time.

Signed and numbered editions of 50 printed on Fabriano Rosaspina.

Are we making arrows as well? Yes, lots of them.... more info soon....


Candice Tripp


candice tripp etching


'Pandora' Editions in Silver and Gold by Jralla

As some of you know, for the past decade, Jralla has been responsible for producing most of Souled Out Studios' handmade screenprint editions...as well as leaving his scribbly signature on all your printerís proofs.

Click the image below to check out the latest work from our own resident printmaker.

Just Released...

Jralla Pandora Print



Bite the hand that feeds you..SOLD OUT

The wrongest, rightest, leftist Mau Mau Fox in a while, 'Bite the hand' popped up on the side of The Attic Bar in Bristol last year and more recently in Camden, London....before finally making it out to us.

An incredibly fine 7 colour hand pulled screen print on Fabriano, signed and numbered by the artist.





Incredibly limited edition of one of street arts most iconic characters... GOUZOU...
Since the very early 90's Jace has been painting, and painting more and further than almost anyone we can think of, his last book was as thick as a bible and only covered the last two years of work, a list of countries isn't even worth it, lets just say Worldwide.

See for yourselves www.gouzou.net or follow on instagram: jaceticot

These took us almost two years to get right, piles of almost perfect wax models, then hours of sanding, coating, painting and then more hours of sanding coating and painting to create the first three dimensional Gouzou.

Editions of 6 in both Classic Gouzou Yellow and Bronze.
Standing 25cm
Signed and numbered
Released Tuesday 23rd Aug 4pm UK Time


Two Iconic Mau Mau canvas editions....

Large Bite the hand that feeds you unique canvas and The Revolution will not be televised originals stenciled over original white noise from an 1980's halftone billboard...both available from 4pm UK time TODAY Wednesday July 20th....

mau mau bite the hand that feeds you


Fresh new Alexface Editions...

Released next week, Monday 13th June at 4pm UK time, a selection of unique Alexface watercolours, as well as a full screen printed, signed edition.


alexface watercolour


Fear makes the Wolf look bigger.. SOLD OUT

Out later today Mau Mau's Fear makes the Wolf look bigger, a five colour hand pulled screen print signed and numbered by the artist.

Check the editions page for more info..


Hand made Beejoir installation....

Four years, I don't know how many sheets of sand paper, broken sculptures, groms, cans of paint, layers of resin, mask filters, but one thing I do know, making them in a factory would have been one hell of a lot easier.

The Weapon of Choice installation featured in the main window to Beejoirs retrospective room at BANGKOK CITYCITY GALLERY over the last two months, we've now carefully taken it down and packed them individually along with their matching wall brackets...

Edition 108 / Signed in resin / supplied with mounting brackets.

Priced at £245 + P&P Released

We'll also have a small handful of hand bound hardbacked portfolios from the show, each folio was screened by the artist to run along side his solo show #NRCSSM all are signed and if you'd like a dedication please let us know.

Priced at £170 + P&P

Pigs Might Fly

A two format hand printed screen print by Mau Mau, released at 4pm UK Time Friday 18th Dec.... Click below for more info..


Beejoir Solo Show #NRCSSM

Opening Dec 16th at Bangkok City City Gallery, a large scale solo show focusing on narcissism in the digital age. Please click below

more information....

beejoir #NRCSSM


Toasters Everywhere....

Up next, as iconic as it gets in the street art world.... 'Everywhere' will be available in a limited, Signed & Numbered hand-pulled print run of 65 on Tuesday, November 17th 2015 at 4pm (UK time).

toasters street art


Some fresh new Mau Mau Originals....

Some new Originals by Mau Mau click below for more info....


Original Watercolours by Alex Released Tuesday

Another mad year for Alex, last year we toured Europe and Asia with him non stop, this year he's looking to open a summer time show in London along with Bon... Tokyo Artfair next month and a few other side projects before.

Thirty Two medium and Eight Large, hand painted originals with a single layer hand pulled screen print to finish. All signed and numbered by the artist.... click below for more info.

Alexface watercolour


Fat new Souled Out Sticker packs... 4pm Monday 5th Jan

Our biggest sticker packs yet, 150-200 of our newest and most iconic stickers out today at 4pm UK Time.....limited to only 38 packs.

Stickers Packs Souled Out Studios

Fresh New Mau Mau on block cut Aluminium SOLD OUT

'Streetsy' a Hand painted, laser cut block aluminium, signed and numberd by Mau Mau please check the 'Editions' Page or click the image below.....

Mau Mau Streetsy

New BON Originals and Signed Hayden Kays Books....

All orders come with a signed show catalog ....

Click the Image below for more info:

Bon Street Art

Hayden Kays is an Artist.....128 page full colour hard back.....

Hayden Kays is an Artist


Souled Out Sounds... 29th July.

Putting musical and visual artists back together without the middlemen...

We're not going to be tucking our tee shirts into our jeans, or looking at Christmas number ones just yet... but we will be releasing limited runs of Vinyl with some amazing artists, from Kingston to Kingswood, using the highest quality pressings as well as being mastered by the best in the business.

Cover Artwork from all of the leading artists on Souled Out, as well as guest artists, signed, numbered, stamped, sometimes with posters, stickers and foldouts.... remember when you used to get all of that with your music, not just the one click one track download.

For more info please check www.sosounds.com

Released at 4pm UK time on the 29th July

Bon Solo Show, Soy Sauce Factory BKK....


This show is by far the biggest we've ever hosted, over three floors of the old Soy Sauce factory on the edge of China Town. Large scale paintings, automatons, installations, sculptures, rides, you name it he's made it.


bon solo bangkok

Money Trap edition by Beejoir SOLD OUT

A fine new edition out towards the end of this month, available in two sizes, Medium (ed.65) and Extra Large (ed.24)...all signed and numbered by the artist... we've used 100% museum grade inks and paper on these beauties, its not like one of our usual bodge jobs!

BeejoirMoney Trap