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Due to our computer illiteracy and put off by the thought of what some of you may write we didn’t quite manage to put a comments box on this page, instead just a few of your emails, thanks for making us laugh, shake our heads and nearly cry, keep writing it makes us feel like we have friends!


I'll begin w/your PS

you order whatever you want off the menu. and order as much as you can eat :P

i don't want to be greedy...i will settle for one LV (the ex can get one
on her own, to hang in my mortgage)
and one walrus boy

you're the best. SOS is the best.

tell me the amount, and i'll post it into the regular paypal acct ?

x ********* (my shep/lab) is sleeping on the couch, annoyed that i
came home from the baseball game plastered....and then carried on)



Greetings Kate

(my fourth attempt to get through)

I knew there was some reason, that i woke up in the middle of the night.
Hot Damn!

I would love to order:

the new AMP, walrusboy. and the charity version of LVchild, if possible, 2
of he LVchild (one for a gft).

I hope all is well w/everyone over there...and I'm still hoping that SOS
does a show over here.

x******** (AKA 53)

(I have no partner, i have no mortgage, and I've never made a fast
buck...and I'll never be sorry from the bottom of my heart....say what
they may, but my SOS prints stay here with me)

actually, the second LVchild, is for my ex-partner...who got the mortgage LOL

Find out who you are, and do it on purpose - Dolly Parton

Mr M

Subject: failure notice (original message follows this NEW one)
Hi Kate

I'm sure you have had a &%##%#$ of a day. I waited patiently....

it was just about 1am (california time), when i checked the banksy forum,
and saw the thread had just i checked things out, and sent
you off an email.

I sent several emails this morning, after i was notified of mail failure.
1:24 am (8:24 london time)
1:53 am (8:53 am london)
1:55 am (8:55 am london time)

then finally i got one sent to Jon, at 1:55 am, after reading the forum
postings, and that Your mailbox was flippin.

so i waited patiently...checked my email. saw your comment that you would
get back to everyone within 24hours...i waited.

now, i just saw that people who posted comments on the thread, after i had
emailed in, have already recieved conformation of thier order.

did i wait to patiently?

just break it to me....
i'm a bigboy.

i am ready to do, one of two things:

i'm ready to take you all out to dinner when the show IS in los
angeles(well... i was going to do that anyways)


i will raise all holy hell, and "moral check" every friggin liar on that
forum and all the flippers, selling on ebay (the first option, is really a
much healthier choice)

i'll be waiting for a reply (impatiently)




Mr L

Hi Kate

Just thought I'd drop you a line to let you know I still haven't the prints yet. Every morning I skip to the post room, full of excited expectation, and every day I walk back to my desk, deflated, but ever hopeful that tomorrow, yes, tommorrow, will be the day.
The office manager usually collects the post, people are begining to think I'm trying to get into her pants. Which are very nice pants, but I'd rather have the prints!

: )



Mr M

so the film version of the book/story will go something like this...

on the screen is an aerial view of the world. there is a BIG X, on the
city of Bangkok. From there, we follow a dash-line, that is moving from
major ports, across the globe, every city...big and small. zigzagging, in
a very erratic the sahara's, we see a man, dragging himself
across the dunes, obvious, delilusional....we can hear him mumble " 53,
53, NOT 52...53, 53, Kate said 53...NOT 52. where is print 53??

instead of swearing, when i saw the #52 on the tube/mailer end...i chuckled.

the print, actually made my hairs on my arm stand at attention, with the
army of goosebumps. it was truly, more beautiful, than expected. a round
of applauase to all of you.


ps: so who got #53


Miss V

Hi Kate
I would just to take this opportunity to thank you, Beejoir and the rest of the team for the safe delivery of my Turin Scam. I really like the image, quality of the print itself and hope to find the right place on my walls for it in due course. Whilst I wasn't one of the lucky ones for the free print, I appreciate the packaging and glove touch.
Hope that SoS continues to go from strength to strength.
Have a great Easter break!


Mr M

hello person of sales

will you, or someone ship me in california?! i have already
missed a few of the prints, and thats too many. i love what is getting
and i love the clearity of navigating, and the spunky line-copy:
"We don’t usually answer the phone, either out of fright that it might be
our printer’s mother, the police, or a time share salesman"

M (marvin is my dog)

ps...add me to any "list" headed-up by souled out studios

Find out who you are, and do it on purpose - Dolly Parton


Mr A

Hi Jon,
Recieved my Ineed today! Thanks so much, i love it. Had a lot of comments on it already so please pass on my appreciation to mantis. As soon soon as ive paid off my new boxing day sale sofa im gonna get it framed and up on the wall next to my LV Child!
Ive dedicated a whole wall to your s.o.s prints so im looking forward to trying to grab the 2007 prints. HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all!
A**** *********.


Mrs R

Your brill, your all brill, the print is beautiful but nearly broke my teeth trying to open the end of the tube before my 10 year old son pointed out that it opends 3/4 the way up!

Hope to get more prints from you soon.

Love R*************


Mr I