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So who are we?

Souled Out Studios was started in 2004 by two VERY different individuals, one American, one British, one a revolutionary, politically active vegetarian anti-capitalist, the other a true steak-eating politically-blind capitalist pig...

Somewhere they met in the middle and created Souled Out Studios.

Souled Out has since become one of the more innovative print houses promoting the street art scene and one of the few studios to be artist owned and controlled – a proper bit of rough amongst the diamante…

With clients all over the world, we sell prints and original artworks by established maestros of urban embellishment and look to promote new, gifted and fresh talent from Europe and Asia.

If you are interesting in working with us please mail


Man with the golden spray-gun, Beejoir has been downgrading Bangkok ever since he took up residence there. Maverick father of the outrageously popular LV Child, he has sold to hip hop artists, alphabet-list celebrities, royal family members and has had sell-out shows in cities around the world. Currently working towards a solo show in 2010.


One-eyed man-monster, Cyclops, likes to get noticed. His epic paint jobs are on permanent display in London, Paris and Bangkok. He lives in London, where he has pioneered the Suprimitive movement. A prolific operator, Cyclops can paint small too and his canvasses have illuminated gallery walls from London to Hong Kong.


Smiling assassin, AMP, is the mild mannered Bangkok resident by day, who has been transforming wallscapes by night for over 10 years. AMP, who runs the same named clothing brand, is a major player in the emerging Asian art scene. His adventures with graffiti, stencils and wheat pastings in inhospitable countries, are the stuff of legend.


CHU The Northern chain rollie smoking 3D genius finally made it out to sit by our pool and drink fancy over priced cocktails after much begging and bullshitting on our part this year.
 The honorary member of the TP Riley Computer Club and professor of light gymnastics is known mostly for his free hand 3D works these days, but we prefer his school boy like jibes and one liners, more can be found here…..


Dude with the dreads, Mau Mau, likes to document the times, his freehand graffiti work often stamped with enviro-political imagery. Architect of UK pop-cult brands Sewerside and Fear Trade, he has been exhibited and auctioned in Europe and painted free-range - shipwrecks to surfboards to billboards to city walls - worldwide.


Self confessed trash junkie, K.Guy likes nothing more than exposing societies dysfunction and the things people accept as wallpaper and without question. As well as sell out exhibitions, his street works have made a few people stop and stare – particularly his well-publicised snipes at the banking system and busted economy.


Italian stallion, Galo, packs a punch when it comes to covering things in paint - he has painted almost every surface imaginable to man or beast. His work has appeared on three continents, in galleries, museums, cafes and nightclubs, on walls and off. Life for Galo is just one big moving canvass. Welcome to the Galoverse…


BON lives in an old school style artist squat with I don't know how many other people/animals. He has painted non stop for the past 15 years and paintings all he does, well apart from atempting to grow his own food and herbs due to blowing all of his money on flash glasses and sneaks.

New Artists

We have some great new artists we’re lining up to unleash on the art buying public in 2009 and as an artist-run studio, we are always looking for raw, innovative (and cheap..) new talent so send us work samples or photos of pieces and if we like it we might print it.