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THE SCRAPS FROM THE PAST YEAR Oct 19th 2006 - Oct 19th 2007.



Its been 5 years since Chris and Jon started working together and one year since they decided to change SOS into a not so fine art store, to celebrate this they will be hosting an exhibition with their friends at NYLA's new skate park in Bangkok tonight (Friday 19th) if you just so happen to be in Bangkok and would like to come please mail me at The show will feature works by all of the Souled Out Studios Artists and a selection of other popular artists from around the world, live painting by MAU-MAU, Thailand's first ever surf movie, lots of booze and all of the usual cod shit that comes with it.


This old home page will be archived next week and updated, does this mean new prints? Nope it means massive hangovers and photos of the pair of them hanging off anyone drunk or stupid enough to get near either of them after 10 pm, thank you everyone for making this such a wonderful year for us all.



Landed a few days ago and has started work on 3 new pieces for us before going back to do exhibitions at the Workshop in Bristol later this month and then The Leonard St Gallery London with Beejoir in January.









MAU-MAU inspired some of the greatest graffiti artists of our generation with his amazing style and meaningful pieces painted across the World from Jamaica to Barcelona over the past I can't even remember how many years but if its as long as his dreads its a proper long time! Check out for more info and the News section for his summer European tour.


***SOLD OUT ***

schizophreniainvincible magnets teenage spasm

Click on images for larger photos and info.

We met a vandal going by the name of Cyclops a few months ago while in London, then without knowing what got hold of us fell for his chiseled features and little paunch belly it took us a matter of minutes to convince him to run away with us to far flung lands filled with palm trees and sandy beaches under the impression he would lead the life of a gifted one till the day he died.

Luc Price

He was given a few days to relax then reality hit and he was whisked off to our sweat shop to work for a couple of weeks where he’s produced 3 hand finished small edition prints for you, these will be released some time on Thursday though we are not too sure quite what time yet, the usual prints are for sale bit will appear on this page and a news letter will be sent out notifying you of the final details.


For more info on the man himself please checkout

K-Guy's prints are on their way very soon as well.



Mailing list.

We ended up having too many people on our old mailing list and it really couldn't do the job anymore, so if you could please sign up to our new one at the bottom of the left hand menu we will let you know the second new prints are released and of any up and coming exhibitions that we might be involved in.


Competition Winners.

Thanks to everyone who took part, we were overwhelmed by the sheer amount of stencils/stickers/paste ups that were sent to us this month, the winners are as follows.....

1st. Was a draw between Beau who sent in some cracking stencils and BOKI who flew all the way to San Jose got a job interview and pasted up stencils over the Paypal/Ebay offices THEN sent us the videos to prove it! They both get a box of beautiful art each.

2nd. Goes to Poster Child for his mass sticker rape of a city. He wins a Box of Belton Paint.

3rd. Goes to everyone who took part and I meet at a bar this year!




After a great week in London we are all back in the office, I'm sorry for not replying sooner to all of your emails its been a bit manic, but great to meet so many of you at the Leonard St Exhibition.

If anyone is still awaiting prints could you please give them until Monday the 30th of July to arrive, then let me know so I can look into it, our next prints will be released when the hangover from the LV and Shell prints has been cleared up which should be mid August time. We cannot take any pre orders for these prints but with any luck there will be a proper check out by then.

We will also be taking a look at all of your Screw paypal stickers/stencils/paintings next week, a few more have been added to the competition page Click here to see them.


Trash by K-Guy will be released as a limited edition print in a few weeks time.


Leonard Street Gallery

Found is an exhibition of original artworks made on found objects, discovered materials and other rarities by artists Matt Small, Nick Walker, Beejoir, AMP, Arofish, Mantis, Asbestos, Luc Price, Sweet Toof and New Yorkers Chris Stain, Skewville, Judith Supine, Elbow-toe and Rene Gagnon. The exhibition will open to the public on Friday the 20th July and will run until a currently undisclosed date.

Leonard Street Gallery

73 A Leonard Street



Tel: + 44 (0)207 033 99 77

Fax: + 44 (0) 207 613 0591



Shell Blood For Oil Prints! *****SOLD OUT*****





A quick update to let you all know what's going on, we have sold out of both AMP and Beejoir prints, but there will be a some left over as a few people decide they don't want the prints they have reserved. Prints that have been paid for will be shipped within the next 10 days, and could take up to 3 weeks to be delivered.

I had no idea just how popular SoS would get, or should I say our artists would be, we just do the printing really, with this though has come quite a high demand for some of our prints, none so more than for our next print Beejoir's Shell Blood For Oil, please bare in mind there are only 40 prints available, we can't take pre orders, and the print is strictly limited to one per person. Many of you will be disappointed, I'm sorry for that, if you want to blame anyone for missing out blame Mel Gibson, Margaret Thatcher or Keith Chegwin.

The SBFO print will be out at the end of June.




New prints from Beejoir and AMP

Our first Double print release, AMP's Walrus Boy, and Beejoir's unsigned LV Child are now up for sale, AMP, is just as well known for his illustration work as he is for his stencils, this being one of our personal favorites, Walrus + Boy = Walrusboy! Simple. A five Colour screen print stamped, signed and numbered edition of 65.

Beejoir's LVChild was so popular that we have been forced to release it as an unsigned print, limited to 400 stamped and numbered three colour screen prints, we are not doing this just to stop the ''do you have any LV prints left'' emails, or to make a fast buck, its more of a cunning ploy to make some money for the new charity that we are supporting, (click here)

Email Kate at to order either or both of these prints.

The hand painted Turin Scam prints are ready to ship now, if you were one of the lucky people to get one, please mail me your address and I'll pop it in the post this coming week, sorry again for the delay.

Finally, we have three of Scorn's Tarot cards left if anyone fancies one, I'm sorry from the bottom of our shallow hearts, if your trying to sell one on ebay at the moment either because your partner doesn't like it, to pay for your mortgage or to make a fast buck.

.......... oh and the Shell Blood for Oil print will not be ready for another 2-3 weeks, and I'm sorry we can't take orders for them as they are so limited.

AMP Walrusboy

  LV Beejoir

Swoon came through Bangkok this week, Beejoir and AMP were lucky enough to meet up with her, CLICK HERE for more pics.



We know you love free stuff as much as we do, so there were ten free prints thrown in to Turin Scam tubes at random, and also due to the paper being so nice and perfect we have added a pair of rubber print handling gloves into the end of each tube for you to use, no kinky business with them ok!!!


So what have we been up to?

Well, its been a bigger headache than we thought this credit card check out business, but we are getting there, prints are starting to stack up though, so we will have lots to splash on your walls coming very soon!

As for new artists, we had a quick meet up with Mau-Mau while in the South West, and with any luck might have some prints coming from him very soon. Check out his web site to see some of his amazing work.