Mau Mau pinocchio


By Mau Mau

Edition: Open for an hour, or till it goes over 100.... un numbered.

Two Colour Stencil, Ink, on a hard Card Post Pack.

Size: 38cm by 26cm...

Price: 45(GBP)

Postage and Packing: FREE

This is an original work of art hand painted by the artist, each unique, and all are signed. Though please bear in mind they will be shipped as they are with no packing and the buyers address on the back with the front post stamped (6th Nov) some will get damaged during transit but this is all part of the art work, they should 'look as if they'd been posted through your letterbox'.... we shipped one around the world and it arrived in almost perfect condition.... and now looks fresh in a fancy White box frame.

These will be shipped from the UK.