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Riot Pigs..... SOLD OUT

Its been an eventful weekend for window booters and photographers alike.

So this week only we're offering up 100 Riot Pigs for 14 quid inc P&P happy days.

Rior Pigs Mau Mau

For those in need of some placement help, CHU's blog should help.......


Hand Painted Skate Decks.....

Our first instalation of Decks are nearly ready..... Mau Mau, Beejoir, Alex, and so on....

Souled Out Decks

You Bring the Maths we'll Bring the MAGIC....SOLD OUT

Its got a Ghost, Maths, its on fancy paper, a ton of drug laced overtones, and next level hand finishing .....what more could you possibly want? This small edition of only 55 prints by UNKNOWN will be out next week priced at £45 + P&P. Please note this print will be shipped from the UK.



Shipping to the U.S

Due to the continuing problems we’ve been having with the new Home Land Security measures, shipping from Asia to the U.S has had to be cancelled.  Fear not though, as Kate will now be handling the shipping from the UK on all new releases.

For all orders placed that are already on their way to the U.S , I’m so sorry for the long delays, we have been cocked around by the post office for the past three months,  ‘’yes they can be shipped’’, ‘’no they can’t’’ with all of the editions yet to arrive are stuck in containers here being X-Rayed piece by piece before being allowed to fly, hence some people getting one edition and still waiting for another to arrive. This is hugely embarrassing for us, and most annoying for you. If we’d known that this ban on all packages over 500 grams would have lingered on more than the four weeks we’d originally been told, then we’d have shipped from the UK a long time ago.

Again I’m deeply sorry for these stupidly long delays, and promise that it won’t happen again.

The ‘You Bring the Math We’ll Bring the Magic’ edition to be released on the 21st will be shipped for the UK the day after the orders been placed.


Sheeple...SOLD OUT

Mau Mau's Wolf in Sheeple's Clothing will be released on the 28th of Feb, a large hand pulled screen printed delight.

We normally do print releases around 4pm UK time these days if that helps..........

Mau Mau Wolf in Sheeple's

But on a slightly more exciting note, all editions will be shipped out with our fancy new non fading stickers, including the Three Little Piggies as well as CHU's SODTHERICH, Smoking Fine and so on.

Mau Mau PIGS


Pills pills pills for your ills ills ills.. SOLD OUT

Dropping an edition has never sounded more right than it does today, please note though that these won't be shipped till the 8th of Feb due to the time consuming packing and the restrictions on shipping to the USA at the moment.

Beejoir Pills

A new hand made edition of originals by Beejoir will be released on the 1st Feb, these fancy editions  each come housed in their own deep Perspex boxes so no framing needed, and we know with the hearts and all it looks a little bit like a Valentines blag, but in actual fact they were supposed to be released four months ago. I doubt we can get them packed and shipped in time for the 14th either, so unless you want to risk the ''your gifts stuck in the post luv'' line its best just to stick to a box of Black Magic and some over priced roses.

There will only be 10 editions of 12 all signed and numbered, priced at 95(GBP) they do look good as sets of four or nine so the 'one per person' rule is out the window on this one for arts sake!

The end of Feb will see Mau Mau’s ‘WOLF IN SHEEPLE CLOTHING’ a signed and numbered edition of one of my personal all time favourite street pieces.


It'll soon be time to condemn yet another year into the archives, we took it fairly easy in 2010 with the moving of the old studio and print shop going on in the background but by the looks of things 2011 is going to be our busiest yet. With print releases, editions of sculptures and originals lined up for  nearly every month until June.

Opening soon will be a new section for Skate Decks, original hand painted one offs will be mixed in there with small printed editions, these decks come from one of the words leading manufacturers, so not only do they look fancy, they also skate fancy too.

To start it off with a bang we’ve got  300 packs of CHU’s POLITE LINE DO NOT GET CROSS tape together with new stickers and the very LAST few old stickers set to be released tonight.

Each Pack will contain 3 rolls of 57 meter POLITE LINE  tape along with a large stack of smoking fine, Pikea, SODTHERICH, CEPT, Mau Mau, Beejoir, Cyclops and BON Stickers.

These packs are limited to 300 only, and the MauMau, Beejoir, Cyclops, BON stickers will be the last of the old images which won’t ever be re printed…..


Checkout troubles...

We’ve been having a little bit of trouble with Google Checkout over the past 24 hours, I’m not quite sure who to blame yet, the Students, Clegg and Cameron, Wikileaks, Carlo Ancelotti, or Chris, so if you’re having some problems with it all, please mail me at Kate@souledoutstudios.co.uk and I’ll send you an invoice directly to your mail box.


Sixteen quid for a fry up….. Shoreditch, a place where you’re just not cool enough if your jeans don’t stop the blood flow to your feet.

CHU’s SODTHERICH will be out next week and hopefully shipped to you to have framed next to your Picasso’s before Christmas. Please see the Prints page or click the image below for more info.



We don’t normally do the cold, but we were offered a fancy charity deal in Copenhagen earlier this month that involved booze, posh hotels and paint, job done and after a quick duck into London on the way home we’re safely back in the studio, sorry for any delays in shipping, all pending orders were shipped today.

Coming up over the next couple of days/weeks/months……..
While on our whistle stop tour of the UK we called in on old friend, and out right member of the Dog Town Royalty ‘Unknown’s ’ studio, and spotted this little piece subtly highlighted with the pink arrow below.  Entitled ‘You Bring the Math We’ll Bring the Magic’ will be ready for release as soon as Jon finishes moaning about the separations and burns the screens. All prints will be hand finished, signed and stamped by the artist.

Unknown Studio

Some fancy sticker packs and other bits from the 3D Northern Genius CHU are being printed at the moment in our new sticker factory, yup, that’s right our NEW sticker factory, no more stacks of proper pykie doggedly cut stickers, we’ve got super fancy glossy non fade hard core stickers on their way, you might not be as excited as we are about this but if you can’t get excited about fancy stickers life’s just not worth living!


Beejoir’s foray into mass produced fibreglass sculptures edged a step closer this week as he finally finished the prototype… nearly….. of his fancy ultra glossy Megaphone, all we need him to do now is explain the logistics of shipping 125 of these around the world and we’re ready to go.

Then mid January MauMau will be out this way to work on a new set of prints/skate decks/stickers as well as open his second Tokyo based solo show.

MauMau 2nd Home

Oh and Bomb It 2 is almost finished, if you can remember Graffiti documentaries before 'Exit Through The Gift Shop' then you'll have seen Jon Reiss's first movie, this one features Alex, AMP, Bon, Beejoir, MauMau, Jon, as well as a few others you might know..... preview below.....



Pizza Box Stickers....

Only 25 Huge sticker packs stuffed into AMP Pizza boxes available, stick them on lamp posts, laptops or sell them on ebay and get rich whatever takes your fancy....... 


HUGE Sticker Packs...



The Rare, The Weird and The Wonderful....

For many years Souled Out had a ''Sneaky Page'' where we touted random proofs, and sketches through a hidden page..... it died after being plundered by ebay sellers one too many times, since then our Sneaky Page rack has filled a few times over..... Please click the image below to view some of what we've got.....

The Sneaky Page

Last few TOX print sets to be split ...

We've got a handful of the TOX boxed sets left, and due to the high demand of people wanting just the one print rather than an overdose of all 10,they've now been broken up, prints range from TOXIC through to TOX09 and each are out of an edition of only 10 ,more details can be found on the prints page...


Jon Doubleday, and a few pieces from the old studio...

A man of many talents, many beards, and even more guises, Jon Doubleday’s bits of paper and canvas sit in collections ranging from the dizzy heights of ‘Z’  list celebrity  toilets all the way down to the Dark Lord Damian Hirst’s  hallowed hallways.

Not only can the bearded wonder boy paint like Caravaggio, he’s also fairly well known for his Camera skills, so  we thought we’d ask him to grace us with a couple of editions before his impending UK solo show.

Two fancy editions will be available from him this month, the first being ‘’Budget Room’’  a signed, stamped and numbered edition of 45 prints on fancy archival art paper, poking fun at our Lord in Heaven Above....


Jon Doubleday

We also have a few TOX boxed sets left over that will be split up and released as individual prints on the editions page later this week as well as a few pieces for the not so sneaky page that have been hidden for a good few years.

The New Souled Out Palace..

New Souled Out

Souled Out has moved from the floor of a waxing room, to a three floor ghetto shop house in the slums, to a flashy four floor down town studio with a roof top garden, and creative wonderland......
...... yep we've moved (almost).

After being in the slum of Wong Wian Yai for the past I don't know how many years, we sadly have had to leave it, no more floods, cheap food and booze, glue sniffers, deformed animals, drink lady, elephants, toxic rivers, bargain meth, police paranoia, Bin Laden chanting American hating fundamentalists and our only bit of sanity in it all the Jolly Baker.

Thank you to all of the Artists/Friends/Customers that have braved the rabid dogs to share a cold beer with us there, things will never be the same.

The new place however is very easy to find, and hopefully more accessible to you all....

While clearing out the place we've found originals, proofs and editions by almost all of our artists.

They will be listed on the site shortly.

New Office


Brooklynite Gallery release Snub Nose Prints...

Our Friends at the Broklynite Gallery in New York are releasing small prints (Snub Nose prints) through the 'Extras' section in their shop this month, if anyone is interested they have a release of small hand finished Beejoir Oil Cans today..... click the image blow to take you there...



Beyond the Street

We thought we'd be number 101 but some how we managed to wangle sub 100, so if you'd like a fat coffee table book to explain to your father in law why you've got a painting of Queen Victoria sitting on some chick in fishnets face hanging on the living room wall then this is book perfect for you, it looks expensive and a bit posh too.

Beyonde the Street Book


Mask Fox..Released Later....

The second incarnation of MauMau's Fox, available in 5 small editions of 25, signed numbered and stamped. Please click to the prints page or on the image below for more details.


Due to the small edition and our prehistoric checkout system, there maybe a few refunds and trouble getting the edition colour that you're after, I'm very sorry in advance for this.


Older Souled Out Homepages are archived in the menu bar on the left if you feel like being all nostalgic.