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Totally Pretty Dirty..... Tokyo '09

Opening at 6pm on the 15/08/09 at Kirishi Gallery, Shibuya-Ku Tokyo Japan. Featuring new works, and some other shit depending on how things go.



Liberty Leading the People

A small edition of hand painted originals by MauMau created for an upcoming iconic album cover have just been released entitled 'Liberty Leading The People' Two versions will be available (Six of Each). Click Image Below for link.SOLD OUT

Liberty Leading The People

TOX Boxed sets.

Ten sets of TOX boxed sets, from TOXIC , TOX01 to TOX09 are now available on the prints page, click the image below to link directly to the page.


Tokyo's got nothing on Dug Town

MauMau jets off to Japan This week to show them some Dog Town treats for the first time, Monkey Gallery in Tokyo is the venue and its showing from 2nd of May.

For more info check out either Seigo's blog or Monkey Galleries site below.

Souled Out Studios does Australia.



TOX09, Bon Originals and something by AMP.

It seems like after a quiet January/February everything's started to now kick off, in keeping with tradition we'll be the last to get off the mark. Our first print of the year isn't a technical masterpiece, nor is it very pretty or have any deep rooted political or social meaning for that matter, its a one colour one layer classic.


TOX09 will be released next week, a limited signed run of 75 prints that bring a little bit of British Rail into your front room for your mother-in-law to pour scorn upon, you can't moan about this geezer jumping on the graffiti band wagon he's been one of the few people driving it over the past ten years while the mincey 'street art' generation milked it as dry as they could, you won't catch this one fannying around Shoreditch with a full can of paint and a flashy pair of sneakers thats for sure.


AMP's new print will be released as well on the same day, along with a handful of original canvases by the usual faces and names, some real crackers from BON as he prepares for his first solo show in the UK and one or two TOX Originals if the print isn't enough to rile the average Joe.



Two Thousand and Nine Baby....

We don’t have any share holders, bank managers or partners to report to, I’d report to Jon but he’s to junked up on paint fumes and cheap local brew, so you’re going to get the low down…. 2008 was great for us, we hooked up with Seigo and created Souled Out Japan which is slowly building up some steam in Tokyo and by the sounds of things Seigo has fully recovered from our outings, car crashes and riots.

Kate has taken over the steering wheel of SOS and has so far only scuffed a few orders up, which is a few hundred less than Jon and I did in our first 4 years of running the place.

But most of 2008 was spent planning 2009, with a lot of the artists we work with having solo shows, Beejoir, Bon, Lucas, MauMau have all been planning, printing, and scheming new works tirelessly from the nerve centre of our squat like studio, more info on these shows to come very soon.

On the Edition side of things we will be starting the year with AMP’s new print, we see him on a daily basis since he got married, and its about time he did some studio work with us, his last print ‘Walrus Boy’ still being the best print we have ever done in my mind.

Next up is a new, artist???? I don’t know if I can call him that, but he’s one of London’s most known vandals, this is his first edition and may very well be his last, you’ll either love it or hate it but its part of our history so you’re going to have to deal with it, beautiful its not, legendary it is, and not in one of those fancy ‘’street art kind’’ of ways, buy it or regret it.

Then MauMau’s Mermaid will be converted into print, using sheets of acetate, paint, arguments about paint, more arguments, and piles of rain forest draining miss prints, this will be the most beautiful print of 2009.

Plenty of originals by Bon, Beejoir and Lucas will be added to our site over the coming weeks as well, please check the aptly named ‘originals’ page for more on these, they may well be the last pieces we see before their coming shows. Luc’s Charlie Brown Statue is back up for sale after a paranoid Google Checkout take over. Best wishes to you all for the coming year. Chris, Jon, Kate and Seigo.


Charlie Brown...

Sorry these were supposed to be released last night but things went tits up with a power cut at around 2am. So we have released them today these limited edition Cyclops Charlie Browns up for grabs, standing 18cm high, available in 4 colours either as a set or individually. Each statue is limited to 100, signed, numbered and packaged in a nice little box by the artist himself.

Click Image below or see the 'Originals' page for more details.

Cyclops Charlie Brown

New Editions and Originals...

Finally Mau Mau's Little Red Riding Hoodie has been released, a 6 colour hand pulled screen printed edition of only 75 signed, stamped and numbered, or if you fancy something a little darker he's left us with the 'Bling Reaper' an edition of hand stenciled originals. Click on the images below to find out more about them.

Also later today we should have some new canvases by BON as well as some classic new satues by Cyclops.

Bling Reaper Little Red


All Change.

Nope we won't be getting a beautiful flashy new website, nor will we be opening a plush gallery in a swanky London street. The first change at Souled Out is a paint cabinet reshuffle. Kate will now be running Souled Out full-time so Jon can concentrate on printing and Chris can concentrate on doing as little as possible. However, the bigger bit of news is that we are expanding our manoeuvres in the Far East. As a result, we now have a new addition to Souled Out, SEGIO…… 'Our Man in Japan.' He will be running Souled Out Japan from his Tokyo HQ. To mark the occasion, we’re putting up the bunting (who says POW puts on the best village fete?), and a new website,


Segio writes the only Graffiti art blog in Japan and travels the world checking out shows from NewYork to Newcastle!!! Last month, we invited him to come and meet us and spend a few days in Bangkok - which turned out to be a few more days… and then a few more. In the short time he's known us he's been exposed to political coups, airport closures, car crashes, the red light district, late night drinking with Pure Evil and early morning smoking with MauMau. His eventful sojourn into the Souled Out Studios underworld culminated in a dodgy dawn flight out of a military airbase…

Thankfully Segio is back in Tokyo, in slightly better health. Still, at least he can truly count himself as being one of us now! will be open on Monday, along with our updated English site. It’ll be brimming with new prints from MauMau, some old prints we found under the sofa and originals from all the artists we work with.

MauMau Little Red Proof

Original Works for Auction.......

The Open and Shut auctions are now up and running, grab yourself a chance of winning some stunning original art from some of today best artists with 100% of the proceeds going to the Mercy Centre Charity.

Please visit for more details.

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The Sewerside Chronicles - By Tim Lay

There’s good reason why art is the school subject of choice for dossers and delinquents... Still, now and again, it’s good to test your reading skills.

The Sewerside Chronicles, a novel, is a ripping good yarn about street fashion, underground culture and a business running out of juice (with pictures by Mau Mau for the ‘Miss, I’m too tired to read any more’ crowd).

Guaranteed to appeal to dossers and delinquents, get a taste of it at

We have 25 1st edition copies Signed by Tim Lay and Doodled in by Mau Mau for sale, if you would like one please click the book cover below for more information. SOLD OUT.

Regular edition availible at your local book store, or one of many online retailers.


10 Day Break.

Souled Out Studios is back after a short trip to Europe hooking up with Mau Mau, visiting galleries, going to weddings and leaving our studio to be used and abused by the pigmy artist known as Cyclops see below for more........

Mau Mau's Studio, rough workings for the Surfers Against Sewage, Surfboards, Boards by Beejoir, Mau Mau, Pure Evil, Gavin Turk, Tracy Emin and many more, Click here for more details.


When left, Souled Out Studios was a discreet off white building tucked away in a hidden corner of Bangkok, with friendly locals and very little to distinguish it from any other shop house....... thats until we left one of Londons biggest Vandals alone there for two weeks thinking he would just be working on canvases and prints, oh how naive I was.

The new exterior of Souled Out Studios, Cyclops, AMP, Alex and Golf.



Kate Westerholt ' Charlie Don't Surf'.

The Black sheep cover girl of the cross stitch world has her first Souled Out edition ready for release, it took us months to finish, each one is hand stitched, by people over the age of 4 I've been assured, this is the first edition we have produced that hasn't been created in the studio by Jon's fair hand, though the idea of him sitting next to a log fire with a cup of camomile tea cross stitching away did amuse me, he wasn't too keen. The edition of 95 will be ready to roll out on Monday.


New Cyclops print.

In-between painting 20 meters of canvas, our studio walls, and the best part of Bangkok he managed a new print, 'Things Fall Apart' is a small edition of 65 hand pulled screen prints all signed and numbered. Ready for release on Monday as well.


54,000 new stickers!!!

mmmmmmmmmm stickers, the smack of the art world, we went over board this month and got 54,000 printed between us, these will be given away as ever with prints and in the new sticker packs when the product section is up and running, if you want some before then just pop Kate a mail.




Another page rolls into the archive, lots more on its way from Galo, Mau Mau, Kate Westerholt, AMP, Cyclops and many others, very soon. Click here to look back.

A Big Thank You.

I won’t rattle on like one of those over friendly students collecting your bank details for Amnesty International with their wide eyes and fast pens in Covent Garden, but I just wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone who put together auctions/sales/artworks/donations for the Mercy Centre, it means so much to the people who live and work there as well as all of the kids, if anyone is passing through Bangkok or just coming on holiday you would be more than welcome to swing by and see just how amazing this place is, and that Jon and I don’t spend all of the money on crack.

Sexy Ladies by the Big Geezer Galo. RELEASED

So we’ve got meaningful, we’ve got political, we’ve got the weird and wonderful, but where’s the sexy and who the hell do we find to paint sexy? An Italian with a pony tail and a moustache of course, who does porn better? Galo, a veteran of the World Wide Graffiti scene has been painting graffiti for years, and not just the ''I did a stencil once on my parents garage '' years but proper on the streets all over the place years.